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FREE U.S. SHIPPING on orders over $75

    Shipping policy

    Processing times-

    toys, & treats: 1-3 business days

    accessories and apparel: 7-10 business days

    We do our best to complete your order as soon as possible. Once your order is sent to the post office, we are not responsible for any errors made by USPS (including late deliveries, lost/damaged items). However, if you run into issues with shipping, please contact us, and we will do what we can to help! For returned mail due to an incorrect address provided to PayPal or during checkout, we will contact the buyer for the correct address, and the buyer will be responsible for paying re-shipping/handling fees.

    free U.S. shipping

    when you spend $75 or more

    we give back

    we donate $2 from every purchase to dog rescues

    made with love & dog drool

    our goods are handmade with love in california

    reduce, reuse, recycle

    we use 100% sustainable packaging materials

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